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Clinical instructions

This section contains various clinical instructions for specific circustamces.
You would have received a print out copy from the treating clinician in our clinic, but we have also placed it here for your convinience.

Download: File Physical Therapy Techniques

These are home care instructions to treat painful muscle spasms and manage your clicking and popping joints. This is part of your responsibility in eliminating your TMJ problem. The therapy is to be done twice each day. In the morning before breakfast and in the evening before retiring.


Download: Microsoft Office document icon Post Extraction Instructions

The gauze placed by your dentist should remain in place and under pressure for a minimum of 45 minutes (then disposed of thoughtfully). After that, if necessary, or if you feel that it is still bleeding a lot, you may bite on another piece of folded gauze (supplied in pack) for another 30...

Download: Microsoft Office document icon Bleaching Instructions
  1. Thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. 
  2. In an anti-clockwise motion, twist and pull off the clear plastic cap from the end of the syringe.
  3. Place the mixing nozzle on the end of the syringe and secure by twisting the mixing nozzle in a clockwise motion....

Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.

Tooth brushing

Flossing Interproximal brushes ("bottle brushes" --- similar to toothpicks)


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