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New patient package

To encourage people to have a proper and thorough check up, getting all the necessary bite-wing Xrays to identify any decay that may be present, we have developed a New Patient Package of great value for all our new patients.

The New Patient Package includes:
- examination
- up to 4 bite-wing Xrays (for identifying decay that develops in between the back teeth)
- ultrasonic scale & clean (to remove tartar) **
- fluoride treatment
- oral hygiene instructions – where indicated
- dietary instructions – where indicated

** Presuming tartar present is of reasonable amount. If excessive amount is present due to long term lapse in maintenance or more severe form of periodontitis (gum disease), addition appointment will be necessary and additional fees will be incurred. Should this be the case, the dentist will advise you of the situation during examination.

The appointment will take 45 - 60min. The Package fee is only $295.00 – for a total value of up to $461. Snap it up!

You may ask: "Are xrays really necessary?" 

The answer is an affirmative "Yes."

Xrays are an important part of good, long term dental care. The back teeth are rather thick and broad. When a small decay starts to develop in the contact area between two of those back teeth, it cannot be picked up by the naked eye during clinical examination, but it will show up on xrays.

More often than not, by the time the decay is visible by the clinician, it is either very deep and getting very close to the pulp (ie the nerve of the tooth), or is already into the pulp. Once the pulp is exposed, you will need either a root canal treatment or an extraction. Even if the decay is only very deep and has not exposed the pulp, there is a much greater chance that the pulp tissue will gradually deteriorate and perish later on, resulting in the need for a root canal treatment or an extraction.

Therefore, it is simply easier and much more comfortable to just do a simple filling while the decay is still relatively small. In the long run, it is easier on your pocket as well.

We recommend bite-wing xrays to be taken every 12 to 24 months, depending on an individual's caries (decay) risk and susceptibility.

For kids 16 year old and under, the same New Patient Package will be $195 instead. The appointment length will be around 30min.

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