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Dental treatment

We have a passion in what we do and if you're curious what the fuss is all about, feel free to browse through what we actually do and get to know more about your own teeth!

Orthopaedic Orthodontics

Most people will automatically think of the "train-track" braces when Orthodontics is mentioned.

However, there is much more than that.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with alignment problems of the teeth and jaws. However orthodontics literally means...

Restorative & Reconstruction Dentistry

A crown is something that fits over the visible part of a natural tooth, like a cap over one's head. The main purpose is to protect any remaining tooth structure and restore function. Depending on the amount of tooth loss, be it due to decay-only or decay-and-root-canal-treatment, sometimes...

Anxiety Management

Happy gas (aka laughing gas), or Nitrous Oxide, has anesthetic properties that were discovered by a dentist named Dr. Horace Wells in 1844. He is usually credited with being the father of anesthesia. It...

Sleep Apnoea & Snoring

Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.

Paediatric dentristry

For many years, probably still true these days as far as some people are concerned, dental care for a child is being viewed as doing tiny fillings in a little mouth, in a miniature sized adult. That is a very narrow and mechanistic view, and the truth is far from that.

Just as in adults,...

Tooth Removal

Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.

Preventive Dentistry

Are regular check ups really necessary?

….....“I think my teeth are in good shape. There hasn't been any pain or problem at all, so I am ok. Don't think I really need a check up. I'll do it later.....”

If that is what you were...


Root canal treatment is part of the Endodontic discipline within dentistry. It is also the most commonly performed procedure within this discipline. Endodontic basically deals with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth.

Root canal treatment is usually performed...

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening basically involves an oxidation process that lifts the pigment out from the teeth. It is safe so long as the proper procedure is followed through correctly.

There are many different brands of over-the-counter teeth whitening system, and they tend to come and go. Over-the-...

Restorative Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry

Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.

Reconstruction Dentistry

Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.

Jaw Joint Pain, Splints, Mouthguards

Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.


Details coming soon... Thank you for your understanding.

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