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Physical Therapy Techniques

These are home care instructions to treat painful muscle spasms and manage your clicking and popping joints. This is part of your responsibility in eliminating your TMJ problem. The therapy is to be done twice each day. In the morning before breakfast and in the evening before retiring.

This is the same procedure you performed at our office when it took you only minutes to cycle the painful spasms. Each time you treat yourself it will take less time to eliminate the pain.

  1. Place the rubberized deprogrammer between your front teeth, slide your jaw forward, then all the way back.
  2. Immediately apply the hot wet, compresses or the towel over both your joints. The compresses must be kept hot throughout your treatment.
  3. Start biting on the deprogrammer for 6 seconds, then relax your biting for 5-6 seconds. Bite again for 6 seconds, etc. until the pain is eliminated.
  4. After the pain is eliminated you should hold the deprogrammer between your teeth with only light pressure, continue to apply the hot compresses for another 5 minutes.
  5. Upon removal of the deprogrammer do not alarmed that your teeth do not fit together correctly. This is to be expected. Do not be alarmed if it hurts to open wide immediately after your treatment.

Do not be alarmed if the character of timing of your click or pop is different for it usually will be.

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