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Frequently Asked Questions

You dare to ask!? :) Yes, it is real. It can be one of the reasons our Twinkle Family Dental was born. Check out Nominative determinism on Wikipedia. Interesting stuff.

Well, it works for ~70% of the population. You won't necessarily go laughing gaga, but it does seem to really help most people get more relaxed.

To be answered...

Yes, we do. And it not easy to say, who loves it more - the parents or the kids :) You can see a couple of photos of the kids room in our photo section.

We usually recommend taking bitewing xrays every 12-24 months, depending on the individual patient's oral health condition & history of decay.

The back teeth (the molars & premolars) are thick and broad. If there is a decay in the contact area between 2 teeth, I won't be able to see it during visual clinical examination when it is still small --- which can be easily fixed with a simple filling. By the time I can see it, it is often very deep & close to the pulp of the tooth, or already gone into the pulp, exposing the nerve. You may then need to do a root canal treatment, or have the tooth out. So it makes sense to invest in the xrays on a regular basis.

Definitely not. If you do, you will pass out and won't feel anything ;-) ... The truth is, we will try to use all means available to make it as pain free as possible.

Our Doctors

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