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November 2011: A weekend course about facial development and posture attended

Due to my interest in Paediatric Dentistry, I got gradually drawn into Orthodontics and Occlusion, then leading on to TMJ Dysfunction/pain and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. I have attended many courses, workshops, conferences and seminars over the years, and Bob Walker's name first came to me quite many years ago.

I was told that he was an American-based chiropractor with special interest in the dental field, performing cranial manipulation to assist with orthopaedic orthodontic treatment or pain management. I was also told that some of the things he was teaching were very good, while some other things might be a little over the top. As there were too many things I was trying to absorb at the time, and he hadn't been coming to Australian shores for quite some time, I just left it. So when I heard about this course being held in Sydney, I simply had to go and check it out. And I am so glad that I did.

The course was presented by Bob and Dr Kaye McArthur. Bob would provide the chiropractic side of information while Kaye related them back to the clinical side of things that we had to deal with as dentists. It was very interesting for me as Bob presented a different way of looking at the skull and the relationships of its various pieces of bones...different from how the dental community tends to view it traditionally, yet making perfect sense. It sure opened up my eyes, giving me a more comprehensive view of the human skull and how it was related to the rest of the body.

Hopefully, with this new understanding, I will become an even better clinician in managing my orthopaedic orthodontic cases, creating treatment results that are even more stable in the long term.
~ Briana Fang

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